Jeremy Meek's Net Worth in 2020: $15 million

Jeremy Meeks an American fashion model and actor who became famous after a viral mugshot was posted online and now has a net worth of $15 million.  

He was born on February 7, 1984. In 2002, Meeks was charged with robbery and corporal injury to a child. He was sentenced to serve two years in a California prison. His criminal history culminated in 2014 when he was arrested in Stockton, California, as part of a street gang sweep. He was convicted of the federal charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and grand theft.  The police posted his mugshot online, where it started trending as "the hot felon".  

Upon his release from prison in March 2016, he began a successful  career as a runway model working for various fashion designers, including Tommy Hilfiger.

Jeremy Meeks Net Worth
Jeremy Meeks viral mugshot that led to him becoming an online sensation as "the Hot Felon"

Jeremy Meeks made his fashion debut during  New York Fashion Week in February 2017, where he became a sensation as a bad boy tough guy. In 2019, Meeks started a collaboration deal with Germany-based fashion company Fashion Concept GmbH to develop a clothing collection.  That deal has been reported by the Company to be worth $15 million.

Jeremy Meeks has a child with Melissa Meeks, who he was married to from 2008 to 2018. In 2017, prior to his divorce, Meeks was in a relationship with Chloe Green, the daughter of businessman Philip Green.

On May 29, 2018, she gave birth to her first child, and Jeremy Meek's second, Jayden Meeks-Green.  Chloe Green's father is a billionaire.  The couple split in 2019 and sold their jointly owned home in London in 2020.