Tom MacDonald's Net Worth in 2020: $800,000

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Background: Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper and internet personality with a large following who has a net worth of $800,000.

Tom MacDonald was born on September 1st, 1988 in Vancouver, Canada. He is active on social platforms, leading to over 850,000 YouTube subscribers and over 200,000 Instagram followers.

Tom MacDonald started his rap career in 2009. He posted his first YouTube video "Wannabe" in 2014, while gaining a first hit "Tom MacDonald - 'Dear Rappers'" that same year with over 500,000 YouTube views.

Tom MacDonald Net Worth
Tom Macdonald's deaththreats album cover (2018)

Since 2014, Tom MacDonald has continued to rack up millions of views on his songs and albums like deaththreats (released in 2018).  His most popular song on YouTube is "Everybody Hates Me" with over 14 million views. Other top songs include "Politically Incorrect", "Whiteboy", "Straight White Male", "Helluvit", "I Hate Hip Hop", and "Castles". He also has done popular remixes of famous songs including one of Eminem's "The Way I Am".

MacDonald has also been involved in a feud with rapper Mac Lethal which resulted in two hyped diss tracks from MacDonald called "Mac Lethal Sucks" (over 7 million YouTube views) and "Lethal Injection" (over 6 million YouTube views). In addition to his own tours, he also has performed as the support earlier in his career to other popular acts including Major Lazer.

Recently, Tom MacDonald used a trending current topic for his latest hit, "Coronavirus" with over 6 million YouTube views.